Group project with Thomas Mnich and Damian VanCamp

project advisors: Glenn Shrum, Davidson Norris, Nelson Jenkins

The neighborhood of Alphabet city is self segregated and cultural divers. Gentrification and stress level in our everyday lives are increasing. We are building a library for the community, a community space and a green garden of relaxation. 

We lifted the building to make it immediately accessible for everyone. To increase the daylight level in the back garden and in the upper floors we angled the back wall of the building by 10 degrees.

We decided to have the back garden accessible for everyone in the neighborhood (not only users of the library), we wanted it to pop-out despite the fact that it is on the back os the building. That is why, we decided to increase the contrast by formal manipulation. The entrance is relatively darker than the green wall on the back, especially when it is grazed by the sun. For vertical circulation, we used two layers of etched glass, to create immersive space inside of the staircase and have even and diffused light in the library.

The amount of daylight in spaces is determined by the activity that takes place there. Rare books section is the darkest, whereas cafeteria is the brightest.