Group project done with Michael Thai. 

project advisors: Derek Porter and David Leven

Enso is a concept of a market building located in Manhattan, New York. The project aims to rejuvenate the neighborhood by teaching it's habitants about health. It has different programmatic areas, starting on food market space, and ending on teaching kitchens. The architecture and light is designed to unite people and make them more mindful about lifestyles they are living. 

The site is located adjacent to a low income housing building and a newly constructed micro housing units complex. The passageway between mount carmel & first avenue was integral in creating a destination and spacefor congregation. Providing both a destination and preserving circulation were driving factors in our process. Exploration of subterranean architecture proved to be essential to the sites limitations. Limitations including adjacent building access and lack of daylight access to the site were strongly considered during our initial and ongoing strategies.

Our overall architectural and electric lighting design was driven by the idea of congregation and reinforcing a circular form that would allow for local residents and workers to gather. After weeks of observing and studying the site, it was obvious that there was a critical need for a space in which both local residents and users could meet and assemble to eat and socialize.

After running multiple simulations through the heliodon and daylight specific software, we realized that the site itself receives relatively low levels of daylight exposure throughout the year. Our design and layout was based on programmatic elements and their needs for direct sunlight. Our programmatic placement of the café was based on the abundant amounts of morning solar exposure. Similarly, our restaurant is located in the east side of the site, which receives the most abundant amount of solar exposure during the mid to late afternoon.


concept diagram


renderings gallery


exploded axonometric view

exploded axonometric view

electrical lighting concepts / daylighting stategies / ventilation system


sun study


plans and sections

1' = 1/16" scale model photography below

1' = 3/8" scale section model photography below