Installation made for Light Years event held at Parsons, the New school for Design.  The installation uses intrinsic properties of the space, for which was designed. Acoustic panels of the conference room are perforated. We used wooden dowels of different heights as a medium. We created optical illusion and blurred the boundary between the wall and ceiling of the room. Visual properties of the piece change dramatically with use of different lighting conditions. 



Gabriela Cerro
Selin Ergeneli
Aditi Govil
Sam Hewett
Anqi Huang
Karen Kuchel
Pei-Ying Lin
Odile Liu
Ashley Mathews
Abeer Nowailaty
Elisa Rothenbuhler
Sergio Taveras
Nura Venta Matinez
Yunong Zhang
Kama Wybieralska
Billy Wong


Derek Porter

the other side of the room

the other side of the room

during the installarion